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Rugged: no one makes them better

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Real Protection, Clean engine

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Compact and practical.

About Us

With more than 30 years of in depth experience travelling through the harsh conditions Africa has to offer, I know what is needed to ease your life, from personal experience. Practicality and quality will always be the lasting experience from our products. Our products are mostly unique or have unique features that works well when you need it to. You will be pleasantly surprised by our range of rather uncommon accessories. Come and talk to us, we may even recommend other suppliers products.  Pieter de Waal (Founder, Geesmo Outdoor)


I am proud of our growing list of customers that are more than positive and proud about products they got from us.


"....I wanted to compliment you on your products. Very seldom am I impressed in SA anymore ...  Your products are first class and will highly recommend them. Great job! ..."

Mr B - Kwazula - South Africa

Just returned from our 6000km trip ... Fitted these seat extensions ... What a MASSIVE difference ... this is a product I can highly recommend as a must for standard seats. Not once did my wife complain, even after a full day’s driving of up to eight hours. Pieter, thanks again, brilliant product, brilliant service. 

Mr L - Cape Town - South Africa

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