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Seat box side
This is for extra packing space. Put the clutter in its place. You never have enough space to put stuff when the Cruiser is your office or on extended trips.

This rack fits between the side of the seat and the door on the floor. It makes wasted space available up to your seat. It will take an A4 folder with your border documents and maps and has a special space for smaller items so it won’t slide under the folder. It has a pre-drilled hole should you want to fit a lighter socket.

At this stage it fits only the 79 (Bakkie)

You have to drill small holes in the floor to suit. The bolts come with special sealing washers to stop ingress of water and dust.

There are left-hand and right-hand models.

GO Seat Box (Side): Land Cruiser

  • Measurements: 000 W x 000mm H x 000mm B

    Materials: 3xxx Stainless Steel




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