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The box has been specially developed to support a 105Ah battery. Ideal for a battery you need for your alternative energy needs, such as powering your fridge/freezer. Even with the battery installed there is still extra space. The largest and most practical unit on the market,


Alternatively, it is a fairly large storage compartment that is both rain and dustproof. Ideal storage for everything from a tyre leaver to a full set of recovery gear.


Unique features in the design include a bar that stops everything from falling out when you open the door, strengthened door and lock to take the hammering of bush life, heat shield to stop the exhaust from heating up your cargo, etc.


If you need more space, they are also available in a pair; one on each side.


GO UTE Box : Battery and handy storage

Color: Black
Folding Step: Yellow
  • Measurements: 600mm (W) x 300mm (H) x 250mm (D)

    Materials: Powder Coated Steel




  • Contact us for details on shipping options. Shipping and handling  is not included in our product prices.

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