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Prevent hot coffee in regions where you are vulnerable.
Prevent milky products on the rear carpets.
It will also hold a Butt can or packet of cigarettes, putting the smelly stuff right next to the first opening window.
It fits on the front door right in front of the air vent as most customers prefer. Left and right, front and rear. The rear units are different in shape.
    The big unit carries pumper bottles and most coffee mugs.

There is also a premium unit available with more rubber, less rattles and good looks.
Easy fitting and removal.
No damage to your Cruiser.

Ideal for mother’s day, a birthday or any other day. This is a really nice gift for anyone in a cruiser 70 series.

On request units for 80 series, 100 series, FJ, Jimny and some of the older vehicles that do not have a plastic window sill.

GO Cup Holder : 70mm or 80mm

  • NOTE: This is only for rear doors of the 70 series Land cruizer


    Stainless Steel Cup Holder for Land Cruiser 70 series, window mount

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