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Bash plate

This will protect your radiator that is hanging out below, from catastrophic damage.
Protects the steering rods and steering shock absorber.
Bolts straight onto the existing cover holes.
The existing plastic cover is retained as it forces airflow through the radiator.
Strong enough to support the full vehicle weight at the front without any deflection.

The following features are original from Geesmo Outdoor.
Ruggedness added by extra support points to the chassis that come into play when there is a serious hit.
By design it will draw flooding water from the engine compartment while the vehicle is moving through deep water.
While driving normally it will enhance airflow through the radiator.
Sloped design will lift the front of the vehicle and warn you of imminent disaster.

Easy to fit
Powder coated
There are two models available.
    Narrow nose (Older models)
    Wide nose (New models)


Both Models have an optional splash kit. 


If you already are the happy owner of one of our bashplates you can also order a splash kit now seperately.

GO Bash : Bashplate Land Cruiser 70 series

  • Measurements: 000 W x 000mm H x 000mm B

    Materials: 3xxx Stainless Steel




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