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This is for the taller ones amongst us. There is no reason why a Cruiser front seat cannot be comfortable for us.
These brackets allows you to set the tilt of the front seat to your requirement. Lifting the front of the seat creates more comfort and legroom. So much so that you should be able to set the rake of the back rest substantially to make it even more comfortable, you may even gain some reach distance to the steering.

These come in sets per seat. (2 Brackets) There are also different shapes for the bakkie and the rest of the 70 series. It bolts in between the seat and the body support point. You can vary the height to your requirement before locking the bolts. Start by setting it to the lowest position. Your legs will easily be too short to depress the clutch properly.

No damage to your Cruiser.


See here what a client thinks


GO Tilt : Land Cruiser (Per seat)

  • Measurements: 000 W x 000mm H x 000mm B

    Materials: 3xxx Stainless Steel




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