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Single and double cabs only.

This is a very practical innovation by Geesmo; your get out of jail free card.

The problem:

Vehicles like the 70 series single and double cabs have a long overhang to the rear of the rear wheels. This extends load space and capacity on these vehicles as that is exactly what they were designed for. This gives you a less than desirable departure angle. They tend to ‘drag their tail’ when you drive through a ditch or short valley.

Some aftermarket bumper guys do try and compensate by lifting the bottom extremity of their bumpers and moving it up as far as possible. There is only so much they can do and the problem persists. The problem is worse when you have a rock protruding up in the track. The rear wheel runs over it but then it hooks on the front of a very strong rear bumper. This quite often stops the vehicle in its tracks, creating a rather difficult situation where you cannot go forward because of this rock. You cannot go to the rear as the bumper is already dragging down the hill. If is difficult to get a jack on or under the vehicle and if you do jack the rear up to get clearance over the rock it still has to move forward while being jacked up. This is a difficult and dangerous manoeuvre.

Hence this new innovation that solves a real problem when over landing in places like the Kaokoveld. This is similar to a rock slider that basically protects the side bodywork of your vehicle. (Never had the problem while over landing)

How it works: The bottom is a strong plate bent into a shallow U shape facing down. If it hits a rock it will ‘catch’ the rock and guide the vehicle to slide off it at the rear. The height at the rear is such that the rock will not hook in front of the bumper and be guided to below the bumper and out the back without getting stuck. (As discovered recently it will also give you added flotation and a smooth surface to help you escape from deep soft mud.)

On the one side of our vehicles, we have an exhaust running in that space. (Standard left-hand side.) Installation means assembling the box around the exhaust. The standard exhaust must be cut about 300mm from the rear and turned through 90 degrees to exit on the side. (Easily done by any exhaust shop.) Louvres were incorporated in the design to remove the heat created in that area. On the other side, a sizeable box was created and has a lockable door that seals pretty well against dust and ingress of water. This is an ideal space for dirty or not recovery equipment, the shower, tools etc. You can also get a complete box for the lefthand side but that needs more extensive exhaust rerouting.

GO TAIL: Tail Slider

  • I have been searching for a decent utility box for the rear of my 79 DC for a while and without any shadow of a doubt, this is the best available IMHO. Not only does it feature the unique Tail Slider, which in itself could be worth the money if you get stuck. I had a set installed and as with any of the other products which I have purchased from him, you can be sure that A LOT of technical and practical design aspects went into it.

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