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You will not believe how comfortable the armrest is until your elbow has found it. Even Staal Burger has a soft spot, his funny bone is no match for a cruiser window sill.
The nicest piece of equipment you will ever fit to your Cruiser
Soft insulation pad will prevent your elbow from freezing to the window sill or being fried by a sun baked piece of steel.

Easy to fit in the ideal position on the door to suit you.
No drilling or damage to the vehicle.
Beware it is easy to remove should your friend want one.
By the way, it also works on the other doors.

Ideal for father’s day, a birthday or any other day. This a really nice gift for a man with a cruiser 70 series, even if you have to buy it yourself.

On request units for 80 series, 100 series, FJ, Jimny and some of the older vehicles that do not have a plastic window sill.

This is an original Geesmo outdoor product.

GO Elbow : Armrest "Elbow Protector"

  • Stainless Steel and Rubber Arm rest "Elbow Protector"

    for Land Cruizer 70 Series , Front Window mounted

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