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It is compact, and like a tardis, seems bigger on the inside.


REAL Problem Solver:

It is designed with practicality in mind.


The lid unhooks to create a shallow container when flipped upside down for bolts, nuts, tools and spares. Handy when you are removing smaller items and need a place to put them to keep them out of the dirt and grime.


There are three (3) removable trays so that you can have all your tools within arm's reach and easily on display. No more search parties or spousal arguments about what a monkey wrench looks like.


The above-mentioned four (4) trays are shallow to ensure tools are not buried three layers deep. Murphy's law of toolboxes no longer apply: "No matter which tool you are looking for it will be at the bottom!"


As the trays have various depths, you can pack tools according to size to use the space as efficiently as possible and prevent the layering problem. 


For example: the third highest tray is handy for your socket set. Despite the deceptively "small size" a full socket set from Gedore (Minus the crank handle) fits in less than a tray. Sockets up to 36 mm stand upright to minimize space used.


RUGGED by Design:

The toolbox contatains NO loose hinges, locking mechanisms, handles and catches that tend to always break, bend and generally give trouble.


Strong enough so it can be a handy stool when working on a wheel bearing. You can also stand on it to reach the spark plugs of an EFI.


There are NO protrusions that hooks, catches, scratches or dents your other luggage in its vicinity.


The integrated design creates virtually flat surfaces on all sides and also enhances the compactness of the toolbox. No more unused space when packing it and thus allows you to fimly and securely pack it in a rectangular space..

RUGGED Materials:

It is constructed out of 3cr12 stainless steel. The handles are rubber covered to prevent hurting fingers. If you have enough tools it can weigh more than 30 kg.

It has a shoulderstrap so you can sling it over your shoulder.

It has rubber feet on all trays and the lid, to stop it from sliding around in your vehicle. The feet also protect surfaces from scratching where you may want to unpack. You can even place it on the engine bonnet if you have to, without scratches.

It is so impressive, your wife would probably want one too. (Seriously) Bragging rights come standard.

This is an original Geesmo outdoor product.

GO Tools : The Geesmo 4x4 Toolbox

Color: Stainless
  • Measurements: 190mm W x 180mm H x 360mm B


    Materials: 3xxx Stainless Steel, Rubber on handles

    Components: 4 Trays of varying depths,

    Hacksaw and 2 Pound Hammer NOT included.


    VIP: A Special Easy to steralise version exists for the Food Industry






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