We have been developing a new Gull wing door for the 76’s. 

Here are some improvements we thought would be appreciated. 
The underbody on the rear corner is covered.
No holes need to be drilled or any modification to your pride and joy. You can remove the GO Gullwing, and put the original glass back and be back to original.
The functionality of the original opening window is retained. The Wing is mounted with the original hinges and catch and they still work.
The design around the hinges is such that it has a anti drip capability. When you open the door in rainy weather it will not drop a hand full of water inside the vehicle like most canopies do. If you leave it open during such weather the water will run to the hinge side and drop behind the sealing rubber. From there it will not enter the vehicle and run out the bottom. There is a special weeping hole for this so water will not build up at the bottom and splash you and the inside as you close the door.
The design is uncomplicated and is even easy to install. This also brings the price down by quite a large margin. (Michelangelo said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication)
It has a double seal system to the vehicle which seals better against water and dust as well as combatting wind noise.

GO Wing - Gull wing door for 76 Land Cruiser

  • I am very happy with the product and IMHO a better product than all the other Gullwings on the market that I have seen. Apart from the product quality, the price were also substantially less than the other for sale. 
    Pieter being a member of LCCSA understanding our culture and needs also have a great range of products for sale. 
    I can certainly recommend GO. 
    Please consider contacting Pieter when ever the need arise. I certainly can recommend his products, especially the Gullwings.

    Mr H from Newcastle KZN


    Looks great. Took mine away for a few weeks and they worked like a charm Oom Pieter. Super “chuffed” the GO brand never dissapoints. Now for the boxes? 
    Anyone that wants to view product fitted welcome to check with me too.

    Mr D from Johannesburg